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Q: I am on the latest system version, is my device hackable?
A: Yes

Q: I have a Wii U on X.X.X firmware. What can / should I do with it?
A: Update your Wii U to the latest version (5.5.1)

Q: Now that Nintendo is ending production of the Wii U, does that mean no more updates?
A: It is unlikely that Nintendo would release updates for a console that they no longer support, but the counter-argument to that is that they did update the Nintendo DSi 2 years after it ended production. The real answer is that we don’t know, so be safe with internet connectivity on SysNAND (use protective DNS servers or keep internet off).

Q: How do I update to the latest Mocha CFW?
A: Download the latest release of Mocha CFW, then copy mocha.elf from the Mocha CFW .zip to the /wiiu/apps/mocha/ folder on your SD card (overwrite the existing file)

Q: How risky is hacking my console?
A: Bricks are extremely rare and usually caused by skipping instructions or otherwise not following instructions.

Q: Can I run awesome homebrew and emulators with this?
A: Yes! This not only enables the Homebrew Launcher, but it also will give you hacks on all versions, which means you keep it forever, even with updates.

Q: Can I use this to play games from other regions?
A: Mocha CFW supports Region Free patches, which enables users to install games from any region without any extra modification or steps.

Q: Is it safe to update patched SysNAND?
A: No! You must always ensure that your internet settings include DNS servers that block updates just in case a new update is released!

Q: Where should I go for support?
A: For support, ask for help at Nintendo Homebrew on Discord.

Q: How big of an SD card do I need?
A: Your SD card must be at least 64GB in size if you have a black Wii U (32GB) model. If you have a white (8GB) Wii U model, your SD card needs to be at least 16GB in size.

Q: Can I keep my NNID?
A: If you start with an NNID and follow every step, you will end up keeping your NNID at the end.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. an Android phone)?
A: All you need is the ability to put files on an SD card!